Eduardo Li extradited to the USA

Bern, 18.12.2015 - Eduardo Li, former president of the Costa Rican Football Federation (FEDEFUT), was extradited to the USA today. He was handed over to two US police officers in Zurich, who accompanied him on the flight to New York.

Li was arrested in Zurich on 27 May 2015 on the basis of a US arrest request. On 29 September, the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) ordered his extradition to the USA. On 11 December, after Li had withdrawn his Federal Criminal Court appeal against the extradition ruling, the FOJ was able to arrange for the extradition to be carried out.

Eugenio Figueredo to be extradited to Uruguay

Eugenio Figueredo, former vice-president of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) and former vice-president of FIFA, was arrested in Zurich on 27 May 2015 on the basis of a US arrest request. On 17 September, the FOJ ordered his extradition to the USA. Figueredo appealed against this ruling to the Federal Criminal Court. Then, on 9 November Figueredo agreed to his extradition to Uruguay, where he is also alleged to have abused his office for personal gain. On the same day, the FOJ approved Figueredo's simplified extradition to Uruguay, albeit subject to the resolution of priority between the Uruguayan and the equally valid US request.

As in the USA, criminal investigations in Uruguay into irregularities in connection with the award of marketing rights have been ongoing for several years now. However, they cover more soccer tournaments than the US investigations. Uruguay would also be able to prosecute Figueredo on suspicion of having acquired US citizenship fraudulently. This latter prosecution would be conducted at the request of the US authorities. This means that Figueredo could be tried in Uruguay for all of the offences of which he is accused. In the USA, the prosecution would cover only some of the charges. For this reason, the FOJ yesterday decided to give priority to Figueredo's extradition to Uruguay. As is customary, for reasons of security and privacy no details concerning will be given on the timing of the handover.

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