CSMP Unit and the Advisory Committee


The Federal Office of Justice’s CSMP Unit bears primary responsibility for implementing the CSMPA and its Ordinance. The main task of the Unit is to process and decide on applications for solidarity contributions. The Unit works to implement the CSMPA in collaboration with the cantonal contact points and the archives at the various levels of government. It may seek advice from the Advisory Committee on particular issues concerning the processing of applications.

The Unit also examines self-help projects set up by organisations representing victims and others who are affected, and decides if they will receive a financial contribution. It also works with those responsible for the academic enquiry to disseminate and apply the findings of the research.

The Advisory Committee

On 15 February 2017, the Federal Department of Justice and Police set up an Advisory Committee, the purpose of which is to support the CSMP Unit as it assesses applications for solidarity contributions (Art. 6 (3) CSMPA and Art. 5 CSMPO). This Committee has nine members, some of whom were themselves affected by compulsory social measures and placements.

The principal role of the Advisory Committee is to investigate:

  • Procedural issues
  • Questions of principle and
  • Particularly delicate (borderline) applications

Further information on the Committee’s meetings can be found in its published meeting minutes.

Last modification 06.07.2022

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