Stage 4 - Enforcement of sentence

Services responsible

  • Authorities responsible for enforcing sentences and measures

Instruments available

  • Enforcement of custodial sentence in a penal institution, therapeutic measures on a case-by-case basis; possibility of solitary confinement (Art. 78 let. d SCC) or separate accommodation (Art. 90 para. 1 let. d SCC)
  • National Action Plan to Prevent and Combat Radicalisation and Violent Extremism (NAP):
    • -Review prison regimes and penal enforcement objectives (deradicalisation and resocialisation)
    • -Strengthen risk assessment and management instruments in judicial enforcement procedures
  • CCJPD position paper on dealing with radicalisation and violent extremism in judicial enforcement in Switzerland
    • - Optimise the exchange of information between the security services and judicial authorities prior to and during detention, on completion of sentence and when determining the conditions of probation
    • - Intensify the exchange of expertise and experience between security services and authorities responsible for penal enforcement


Last modification 27.06.2022

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