Acoustics and vibration


In our day-to-day lives, whether consciously or unconsciously, we are continuously exposed to acoustics – the science of sound – through a wide variety of hearing experiences. Our ears are always open and receive not only desirable signals but also undesirable ones in the form of noise. As surveys have shown, noise is among the most frequently mentioned types of environmental pollution; it is also known to be detrimental to health. Noise-induced hearing loss is only the most apparent manifestation of this problem.

Vibration measurements may well be safety-relevant, for instance during the maintenance of jet engines or for the assessment of the structural dynamics of bridges or buildings. Frequently, they help to improve product quality or to enhance energy efficiency.

Sufficiently accurate reference values and reliable measuring equipment are required to objectively measure and evaluate sound and vibrations; both prerequisites are fulfilled due to the activities of the acoustics and vibration laboratory at METAS.  


Our measurement services encompass a wide variety of acoustic quantities and measuring equipment as well as the most common vibration sensors.

Calibration / Verification / Type examination / Type approval / Conformity testing

  • sound measuring instrumentation
    • sound level meters
    • sound analysers
    • octave / third octave filters
    • measuring microphones
    • preamplifiers
    • calibrators
    • pistonphones
    • multifunction calibrators
    • artificial ears
    • artificial mastoids
    • tapping machines
  • sound sources
    • sirens
    • acoustic warning devices
  • vibration measuring equipment
    • accelerometers
    • velocity sensors
    • impedance heads
    • vibration calibrators
    • charge-voltage converters
    • signal conditioners
    • vibration measuring chains


Approvals and conformity assessments

We conduct conformity assessments and issue national approvals of sound measuring equipment.

Hearing aids

METAS has been mandated by the FSIO to keep a list of all the hearing aids for which the social insurances will pay a fixed amount to the insured in accordance with the ordinances applicable (in force since 1 July 2011).

Research and Development

We use Research and Development projects to keep our measurement facilities and expertise at the forefront of technology. This enables us to provide the required services and promote innovation in the years to come.

We are interested in collaboration with industry. As a research partner of the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), we are involved in a number of CTI projects.

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