Bilateral cooperation

Cooperation with countries of origin and transit plays a decisive role in managing migratory movements. In recent years, Switzerland has developed a range of instruments that allow it to safeguard its interests on migration policy: migration dialogues, readmission agreements, agreements on migration, visa facilitation agreements, agreements on visa exemptions for holders of diplomatic passports, service passports or special passports, visa waiver agreements, exchange programmes for trainees and migration partnerships – a wide variety of tools that take account of the differing levels of cooperation. The migration dialogue is the most informal mode of bilateral cooperation, while the migration partnership aims to take a more comprehensive approach.

Switzerland’s neighbours (DE, IT, FR, AT, FL) are important players in this cooperation. In addition, following the migration crisis of 2015-2016, certain countries on the borders of the European Union that are subject to serious migratory pressure, such as Greece and Italy, have assumed increasing significance in migration dialogues and on Switzerland’s bilateral agenda. SEM is fully aware of the important role it plays in maintaining bilateral relations with these strategic countries.

Last modification 23.04.2021

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