G EU/EFTA permit (Cross-border commuters)

G EU/EFTA permit (Cross-border commuters)

EU/EFTA cross-border commuters are nationals of EU/EFTA member states who reside in an EU/EFTA member state and work in Switzerland (either in an employed or self-employed capacity). Cross-border commuters must return to their main place of residence abroad at least once a week.

Cross-border commuters from EU/EFTA member states are granted professional and geographical mobility. No border zones exist for them anymore. These persons may live anywhere in the EU/EFTA region and work anywhere in Switzerland provided that they return to their place of residence abroad once a week. The only exceptions are for Croatian nationals (see below). The EU/EFTA cross-border commuter permit is valid for five years in the case of a fixed-term employment contract valid for more than one year or in the case of a permanent employment contract. If a fixed-term employment contract is valid for less than a year but for more than three months, the period of validity of the cross-border commuter permit is identical to the duration of this employment contract. If the period of employment is less than three months, then no work permit is needed but the notification procedure applies.

Since 1 January 2017, the Agreement on the free movement of persons between Switzerland and the EU is applicable to nationals from Croatia. A cross-border commuter permit G EU/EFTA is issued to Croatian nationals provided they fulfil the specific transitory provisions (Border zones and restrictions concerning the access to the Swiss labour market).

Last modification 01.03.2021

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